Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekly "What I Wore"

Last week I gave the social media world a glimpse inside my mess of a closet in the first edition of Weekly "What I Wore". This week, I'll shift my focus from just outfit descriptions to key pieces that help me transition from cool mornings to warm afternoons or vice versa. 

Here in Charlotte, we start our fall mornings at a crisp 50 degrees and end the day around 70-75. Sometimes (like it was on Monday), we start at 70-75 and end at 50. There's no telling. Either way, dressing for the office can get tricky as I'm trying balance business casual, trendy and comfortable.  

As I've begun keeping track of my outfits, I've noticed 3 things -

  1. I own a TON of Old Navy stuff (good to know that credit card is getting use) 
  2. My picture quality and outfit selfie pics could use some work, so bear with me, and  
  3. My dog is a professional photo-bomber. I mean, look at that model stare. You go, Boone.  

OOTD Monday

I'm pretty much obsessed with this scarf and when I got it I couldn't wait to see what it'd go with since the colors were a vibrant mix of both cool and warm tones. Today, I chose solid ankle-length pants to pick up the purple colored stripes. I loved how I could wear it draped for a longer look or wrapped around my neck for warmth. Next time, I think I'll try a solid royal blue shirt for simplicity or maybe even a black & white striped long sleeve tee to mix patterns.

Old Navy Plaid Blanket Scarf // Old Navy Pixie Pants // Joe Fresh for JCPenny Beige Button Up Blouse // Burlington Coat Factory Beaded Tassel Necklace (similar HERE) // Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch (discontinued) // Kliik Denmark Prescription Glasses // Rack Room Nude Suede Wedges // OPI Gel Nail Polish - "Schnapps out of it" 

OOTD Wednesday

This outfit was a little more edgy than I usually wear to work but I just bought these boots and I'm trying to find every excuse to wear them. I'm digging the longer skirts this season (especially since my legs are so long). This one in particular sits right above my hips and goes down to my knees so I'll frequently wear it with a tucked in shirt. This time I paired it with a military inspired cargo vest and a long silver leaf necklace to pull it all together. The vest is perfect for fall layering and can easily be dressed up or down.  

Old Navy Green Cargo Vest (similar HERE) // Striped Long Sleeve Tee // Silver Leaf Pendant Necklace (similar HERE) // Old Navy Knee-Length Pencil Skirt (with pockets!) // Silver Bangle Bracelet (grandmother's) // Old Navy Black Suede Ankle Booties

OOTD Thursday

Apparently I'm feeling the raspberry-ish color this week...
I grabbed this feminine collared dress, an open cardigan, knit infinity scarf and wedged boots for a quick morning outfit. I knew the temperature was supposed to go up as the day went on, so I brought my leopard flats to change into. Lose the scarf too and you've got a perfect warm fall afternoon outfit. I wear this dress nearly year-round!

Banana Republic Button-up Dress // Beige Open Cardigan // Beige Knit Infinity Scarf (similar HERE) // Cognac Wedge Boots // Threaded Tear Drop Earrings // Target Leopard Odell Ballet Flats // White and Gold Chevron Bracelet (similar HERE)

OOTD Friday

Just for giggles - and apparently to keep up with this week's trend - I wanted to see how I could incorporate raspberry into just one more outfit. Friday at the office is casual (hooray jeans!) and since I'm focusing on pieces that help with transition, I paired this long sleeve tee with a JCrew inspired vest and fun statement necklace. 


Target Long Sleeve Tee (similar HERE) // JCrew Inspired Herringbone Vest // Walmart Statement Necklace // Target Dark Skinny Jeans // Old Navy Black Studded Loafers // Rhinestone Bangle Bracelet (gift) (similar HERE) // Gold Chain Link Bracelet (similar HERE

Well that just about wraps up this week's version of What I Wore -Transition Piece Edition. 

I'm always looking for ideas on how to be fashionable during that awkward in-between-seasons time, so if you want to chat or give feedback, please reach out!  Also - feel free to share any of my outfits via the "Pin it" button, visible whenever when you hover over a picture. 

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Weekend - 1, Alyssa - 0

I'm gonna start this post off by saying: I am TOO old to party. And by party I mean be in bed past 11pm. Please forgive the lateness of this post but I was literally running on 6 hours of sleep the whole weekend and nothing, zilch, zero, nada, I repeat, nothing productive was done yesterday. I did vacuum, but mostly cause I saw a furry tumbleweed roll across my dining room floor and couldn't bear the thought of it ending up in my fresh baked cookies. Gross, dude. 

On the other hand, the lack of sleep was totally worth it. Weekend - 1, Alyssa - 0.

Round 1 (Friday Night) : Lake Wylie Sunset Cruises with Captain Jowee

My friend Danielle and her boyfriend Joe (aka Jowee) invited Sam and I (get to know Sam in the Charlotte --> Charlottesville post) out on their boat on Friday night. We hit the water just as the sun was setting in a warm 70 degrees, grabbed some to-go food from a drive-up restaurant on the lake called T-Bones and enjoyed a few cold beers as the night went on. Danielle and Joe even brought their adorable, water-loving pups, Hogan and baby Nola! 

View from the back of the boat - taken with my iPhone 5

Danielle and the pups, Hogan and Nola

You can always count on Snapchat for high quality photos ... w/ Sam

Cove near McDowell Park

Round 2 (Saturday Night) : Sycamore Brewing One-Year Anniversary

This place was POPPIN'. Took me 20 minutes to get a beer, poppin'. I had to stand in the bathroom line 20 minutes before I actually had to go, poppin'. Sorry for the TMI.

Sycamore Brewing is just one of the local breweries here in Charlotte that I frequent. They have an awesome outdoor area where live bands play on weekends and about 10 different home-brewed, award-winning beers on tap (try the Southern Girl Lager if you go!). This weekend, they hosted their one-year anniversary celebration on site from noon to 10pm and drew in a crowd so big they used their parking lot as a pour station. 

Since my college days, noon to 10pm drinking is obviously no longer an option (goodbye, liver). So instead I ventured over around 7 to catch one of my favorite bands, Of Good Nature, who mix the sounds of Rock, Reggae and Funk. OGN just released their 2nd album titled "Life Worth Living" and on day one peaked at the #5 spot on iTunes in the Reggae category. These guys can seriously JAM. Did I mention I also went to high school with the lead singer? (I'm basically famous... by association... sorta). 

Lead Singer, Cameron Brown / Drums & Back-up Vocals, Joey Vachon / Bass,  John Reed / Trombone, Brandon Hucks

Photo Credit: Joey Vachon w/ Of Good Nature (@joeyvachon on Instagram)
Friends Sam (left) and Shannon (Right) - Yes, Shannon. You made the blog but its only cause I didn't take enough pics. 

Round 3 (Sunday Night) : Carolina Panthers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Remember in Round 2 when I said I couldn't drink from noon to 10pm anymore? My bad, I lied. Sunday was an absolute blast and yes, it started at noon. We had the ultimate tailgating set up - A TV broadcasting the 1 o'clock and 4 o'clock games in the bed of my friend Michael's truck, a massive cooler piled high with beer (tailgating essential, obviously), snacks, Kan-Jam and last but not least, about 30 people who shared a similar interest. The only thing that could have made this day better was if it were a Steelers game instead of the Panthers... :)

The game kicked off at 8:30, we were on the 40 yard line 10 rows back and we made new friends with the fans in front of us. Although the game itself was filled with 3 Cam Newton interceptions - and an "OH NO!" moment when I thought my boy Luke Kuechly was hurt - it ultimately ended in a Panthers win, Alyssa with no voice and a 2am bedtime. I call that a successful night... and a really rough Monday morning. 

View from our seats! 

"Crucial Catch" game @ Bank of America Stadium supporting Breast Cancer survivors

It's now Tuesday night and I finally have a normal voice. I'm still catching up on sleep and I need 2-a-Days to burn all the beer calories. But, this weekend was filled with a ton of fun and zero regrets. Since my Steelers are pretty much out of the running, I'm looking forward to seeing how far Carolina can go this season! 

Thanks for checking out today's Weekend Recap! Check back next week for posts on DIY Halloween Costumes and a rundown of Birthdays and Bar Crawls. 

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekly "What I Wore"

Since this is my first 'fashion post' (if you can even call it that), I quickly just want to give a little background on my style and what goes through my mind when I'm picking out clothes to wear. 

* Please excuse the picture quality as I master the stick-my-arm-out-
awkwardly-to-try-to-get-my-whole-outfit-in selfie * 
How do people do this?!

First: All the posts from this week are my office attire.
Truthfully, I decided to feature these outfits because when I get home it's 'real' clothes off and gym clothes/sweatpants on. Literally in a matter of minutes. Excluding weekends, my cute clothes don't really exist. Sorry not sorry. The dress code at Coke is Business Casual, so you'll notice I play around with both ends of the spectrum - more business-y & a little less business.  

Second: I'm fashionably frugal.
It takes A LOT for me to spend a hunk of change on clothes.  I sort of challenge myself to find designer inspired pieces at non-designer prices, but honestly who has the time to sort through a million things at Marshalls or TJ Maxx? If something catches my eye right off the bat? I'll consider. If I have to search through 27 racks to find a long sleeve shirt? Count me out. I'm also living on one income, in my own townhouse, so sometimes (only sometimes) the power bill is more important than that new dress. I'm all about looking nice without breaking the bank.

Third: My style is simple...
Generally I wear a lot of solid, structured, conservative pieces that could be considered classics. I don't over accessorize, but you also won't see me without at least one bracelet on. I'll do a necklace or earrings, never both. Fortunately I've been the same size since high school (I know... giving myself a high five, woo!) so I'm able to use older pieces and remix to match newer trends. I find myself looking to Pinterest for inspiration and will occasionally model an outfit off of a pin. Maybe I'll write my next blog post on 'Pin-spirations"!

Fourth: ... but I'm learning to follow the "3rd piece" rule.
I actually learned this trick from the owner and curator of the all-encompassing shopping destination Elsa Fine, Jordan Dollard. Jordan is a fellow Mountaineer and a fashion major that recently kick-started Elsa Fine. She generously took the time a couple weeks ago to teach a group of girls about fall fashion, mixing patterns and style secrets. The 3rd Piece rule, she says, is adding that extra item to pull the whole outfit together. Maybe a belt, maybe a scarf, vest or hat.  

Fifth (and last): Ain't nobody got time fa' dat.
I'm the worst morning person in the history of mornings. I wait until the very last minute (after hitting the snooze button 3 times each on my 4 alarms) to get out of bed. Instead of picking out my outfits and packing my lunches the night before, I wait until the next morning and find myself running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Really, the dog chases me around. It's hilarious... until I trip over him. I've walked out of the house with two different shoes on. I've accidentally used dog shampoo in the shower instead of mine. Anyway, you get the point that I need outfits that I can throw together but still look like I spent all morning getting ready

... LET'S ROLL! 

OOTD Monday

This outfit is usually one of my go-to's. It's simple yet pulled together with the necklace and leopard shoes. The sweater is lightweight, colorful and super comfy so I don't feel uncomfortable all day at work. You'll see me pull these black slacks into a lot of my work outfits.

 Kohl's Black Dress Pants  // Old Navy Mint Scoop Neck Sweater // Target Leopard Odell Ballet Flats // Burlington Coat Factory Mint and Gold Necklace // Rhinestone Bangle Bracelet (gift) (similar HERE) //

OOTD Tuesday

Tuesday was super chilly in the morning so I layered a bright scarf over an otherwise not so bright outfit. The scarf isn't actually infinity, but I tucked it to fake the appearance. The skirt is a mix of cotton and spandex so it's figure-flattering and balanced out the boyish structure of the black sweater. (No seriously, it's boyish because I stole it from an ex boyfriend... my bad).

  Old Navy Striped Pencil Skirt // JCrew Softspun Black Sweater // Forever 21 Black Wedges (similar HERE) // Black Stone Flower Stud Earrings (similar HERE) // Kohls 'Faith' Sterling Silver Ring // Xhilaration Coral Knit Scarf // Leaf Tassel Chain Necklace 

OOTD Wednesday

I loved Wednesday's outfit. I felt it had just the right amount of "business" but was fun with the added pops of raspberry color. I think the belt really pulled it all together and I can't get enough of these flats with the adorable black polka dots. 

 Gap Khaki Pants (found at Goodwill)  // Marshalls Long Sleeve Polka-Dot Blouse (similar HERE) // Old Navy Faux-Suede Smoking Flats // Raspberry Belt (off a Banana Republic Dress) // Gold Chain Link Bracelet (similar HERE) // Nike Black FitBit Flex // Needle and Trend Initial Monogram Sticker 

OOTD Thursday

I'm obsessed with the color of this shirt - it's perfect for fall and pretty much goes with anything. I paired it with a neutral skirt, but gave it my own flair with the leopard belt and accessories. I also liked how I could easily take it from cold mornings to warm afternoons since the shirt is long-sleeved.

 Express Gray Pencil Skirt (found at Goodwill) // Old Navy Burgundy Shirt (similar HERE) // Rack Room Nude Suede Wedges // Apt 9 Leopard Belt // Alex & Ani Pittsburgh Steelers Charm Bracelet (discontinued - but similar HERE) // Red Elephant Charm Bracelet // Gold Dangle Earrings 

For Warmer Option: Faded Glory Long Cream Open Cardigan (similar HERE) // Joe Boxer Tan Scarf (similar HERE)

OOTD Friday

YES! It's casual Friday which means we're allowed to wear jeans to the office. If anyone ever told you you're not allowed to wear white after labor day - they're wrong. White has been dubbed a neutral and these skinny jeans paired with the oatmeal sweater, dark brown boots and brown belt are quickly becoming a Fall staple.

Gap V-Neck Pullover Sweater in Oatmeal // Merona Leather Band Watch // Gold Rings (Grandma's) // White Skinny Jeans // Brown Ankle Boots (black version HERE) // Target Gold Teardrop Earrings (silver version HERE)// Brown Braided Belt (similar HERE) // Gold Bangle Bracelet // 
Gel Nails OPI "I Knead Sour-dough"

Thanks for checking out today's post on What I Wore - Office Edition. 
I hope some of these outfits gave you ladies a little inspiration on how to play with what you already have in your professional closets. Check back soon for more posts like these as I learn more about fashion and what works for me & my style.  

Monday, October 19, 2015

Charlotte --> Charlottesville

In case anyone missed the million pictures I posted on Facebook or Instagram, I spent this past weekend hanging out in Charlottesville, Virgina with two of my very best friends. The weekend was filled with laughter, adventure, laughter, good food, some booze and did I mention laughter? These two seriously give me an ab workout - who needs a gym membership when you've got friends like this?  

Meet the Side-Kicks 

Kristin (Left) & Sam (Right)
Hate me if you want guys, but these pics describe you both perfectly. Oh and my mess behind you, too.

Kristin and I met at App State when we were placed as random roommates our freshman year. The rest is history. We instantly became best friends and were completely inseparable for the rest of time (when I say we'll be those old ladies in the nursing home racing wheelchairs, I'm being 120% honest). We spent our college days crashing frat parties, eating pretzels to hide the evidence and spending all our meal plan money on alcohol mixers. After college, Kristin moved back to Athens, GA and has since moved to Charlottesville for career advancement (that's right, all those shenanigans and she's a successful grown up).
Three words to describe her: Adventurous, Hardworking, Dependable

Sam and I go waaaay back. Like, awkward middle school days where our feet were too big and flare pants were a thing, way back. We went to the same middle school together, split high schools Freshman and Sophomore year but were reunited Junior and Senior year. We both picked App as our college, lived in the same dorm and she even lived on Kristin and I's couch for 3 weeks. We live just a mile or so apart here in Charlotte so even if I tried to avoid her I couldn't (just kidding, Sam).  
Three words to describe her: Honest, Hilarious, Unselfish

The Weekend in Pictures

Dinner Friday - Citizen Burger Bar 
All you need to know was that Truffle Fries and beer were involved. And some wine, because wine. 

(Left) Outfit: Mustard Skinny Jeans - JCPenny / Navy sheer shirt - Marshalls / Tear Drop Necklace - Target
(Middle) Truffle Fries: Truffle oil, parmesan cheese, chives, garlic aoili. (Right) Starr Hill Brewery, The Love Wheat Beer 

Brunch Saturday - The Nook Restaurant, Downtown Mall 
Home of the "You Can Start That Diet Tomorrow"

Holy perfect breakfast spot and it wasn't even our original plan. This was the cutest place with outdoor seating and plenty of sunshine right in the heart of the Downtown Mall. Everything was absolutely delicious and lived up to The Nook's glutenous slogan.


  • A mimosa, a house coffee and water (#3drinksatbrunch)
  • The Roasted Peach Waffle with Oatmeal Crumb Topping (bottom right) 
  • Homemade Sausage Gravy and Biscuits (bottom left)

Saturday Afternoon - Carter Mountain Orchard
A well spent afternoon picking our own Golden Delicious apples from the Carter Mountain Orchard trees, drinking hard apple cider from Bold Rock Brewery and stuffing our faces with fresh apple cider donuts. Um, and have you seen this view? Just miles and miles of beautiful mountain scenery and literally all apple errrrythang. Can we go back now? 

Outfit (Right): Flannel Shirt - Old Navy / Herringbone Vest -
Statement Necklace - Forever 21 / Jeans - Old Navy

Saturday Night - Blue Mountain Brewery
Well, this was an adventure in itself. Let's just say we were ill-prepared for the 33 degree weather (I wish this was a joke) because we froze our little butts off and pretty much missed the sunset. BUT these girls can make anything fun and we still enjoyed people watching (and skipping out on their tab, it happened), our local beers, a homemade crab dip app (we were too hungry to take a picture) and my gigantic bratwurst. #FrozenAndFull

Outfit: Herringbone Vest - / Off White Sweater - Marshalls
Arrow Necklace & Cognac Watch - Forever 21 / Jeans & Ankle Booties - Old Navy
Food: Blue Mountain Brewery Wild Pumpkin Patch Ale (middle beer), Beer-Boiled Local Bratwurst with side salad

Sunday - Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park is just absolutely gorgeous this time of year and really made me feel like I was back on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Boone. We had originally planned on hiking Sunday morning but (once again) we were unprepared for the chilly temps and ended up just driving a few miles for the views instead. Not going to lie... I took some of the pictures below from the warmth of the car. 33 degrees and super windy nearly 4k feet up, no thanks, I like to feel my toes.

Thanks so much for sticking around and reading today's blog post! 

If you ever have a chance to check out Charlottesville, I highly recommend it. Fall was a gorgeous time to go, but I'm looking forward to visiting another time of the year too. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend enjoying the cooler temps -
Check back soon for more Fall adventures!