Monday, October 19, 2015

Charlotte --> Charlottesville

In case anyone missed the million pictures I posted on Facebook or Instagram, I spent this past weekend hanging out in Charlottesville, Virgina with two of my very best friends. The weekend was filled with laughter, adventure, laughter, good food, some booze and did I mention laughter? These two seriously give me an ab workout - who needs a gym membership when you've got friends like this?  

Meet the Side-Kicks 

Kristin (Left) & Sam (Right)
Hate me if you want guys, but these pics describe you both perfectly. Oh and my mess behind you, too.

Kristin and I met at App State when we were placed as random roommates our freshman year. The rest is history. We instantly became best friends and were completely inseparable for the rest of time (when I say we'll be those old ladies in the nursing home racing wheelchairs, I'm being 120% honest). We spent our college days crashing frat parties, eating pretzels to hide the evidence and spending all our meal plan money on alcohol mixers. After college, Kristin moved back to Athens, GA and has since moved to Charlottesville for career advancement (that's right, all those shenanigans and she's a successful grown up).
Three words to describe her: Adventurous, Hardworking, Dependable

Sam and I go waaaay back. Like, awkward middle school days where our feet were too big and flare pants were a thing, way back. We went to the same middle school together, split high schools Freshman and Sophomore year but were reunited Junior and Senior year. We both picked App as our college, lived in the same dorm and she even lived on Kristin and I's couch for 3 weeks. We live just a mile or so apart here in Charlotte so even if I tried to avoid her I couldn't (just kidding, Sam).  
Three words to describe her: Honest, Hilarious, Unselfish

The Weekend in Pictures

Dinner Friday - Citizen Burger Bar 
All you need to know was that Truffle Fries and beer were involved. And some wine, because wine. 

(Left) Outfit: Mustard Skinny Jeans - JCPenny / Navy sheer shirt - Marshalls / Tear Drop Necklace - Target
(Middle) Truffle Fries: Truffle oil, parmesan cheese, chives, garlic aoili. (Right) Starr Hill Brewery, The Love Wheat Beer 

Brunch Saturday - The Nook Restaurant, Downtown Mall 
Home of the "You Can Start That Diet Tomorrow"

Holy perfect breakfast spot and it wasn't even our original plan. This was the cutest place with outdoor seating and plenty of sunshine right in the heart of the Downtown Mall. Everything was absolutely delicious and lived up to The Nook's glutenous slogan.


  • A mimosa, a house coffee and water (#3drinksatbrunch)
  • The Roasted Peach Waffle with Oatmeal Crumb Topping (bottom right) 
  • Homemade Sausage Gravy and Biscuits (bottom left)

Saturday Afternoon - Carter Mountain Orchard
A well spent afternoon picking our own Golden Delicious apples from the Carter Mountain Orchard trees, drinking hard apple cider from Bold Rock Brewery and stuffing our faces with fresh apple cider donuts. Um, and have you seen this view? Just miles and miles of beautiful mountain scenery and literally all apple errrrythang. Can we go back now? 

Outfit (Right): Flannel Shirt - Old Navy / Herringbone Vest -
Statement Necklace - Forever 21 / Jeans - Old Navy

Saturday Night - Blue Mountain Brewery
Well, this was an adventure in itself. Let's just say we were ill-prepared for the 33 degree weather (I wish this was a joke) because we froze our little butts off and pretty much missed the sunset. BUT these girls can make anything fun and we still enjoyed people watching (and skipping out on their tab, it happened), our local beers, a homemade crab dip app (we were too hungry to take a picture) and my gigantic bratwurst. #FrozenAndFull

Outfit: Herringbone Vest - / Off White Sweater - Marshalls
Arrow Necklace & Cognac Watch - Forever 21 / Jeans & Ankle Booties - Old Navy
Food: Blue Mountain Brewery Wild Pumpkin Patch Ale (middle beer), Beer-Boiled Local Bratwurst with side salad

Sunday - Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park is just absolutely gorgeous this time of year and really made me feel like I was back on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Boone. We had originally planned on hiking Sunday morning but (once again) we were unprepared for the chilly temps and ended up just driving a few miles for the views instead. Not going to lie... I took some of the pictures below from the warmth of the car. 33 degrees and super windy nearly 4k feet up, no thanks, I like to feel my toes.

Thanks so much for sticking around and reading today's blog post! 

If you ever have a chance to check out Charlottesville, I highly recommend it. Fall was a gorgeous time to go, but I'm looking forward to visiting another time of the year too. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend enjoying the cooler temps -
Check back soon for more Fall adventures!