Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Weekend - 1, Alyssa - 0

I'm gonna start this post off by saying: I am TOO old to party. And by party I mean be in bed past 11pm. Please forgive the lateness of this post but I was literally running on 6 hours of sleep the whole weekend and nothing, zilch, zero, nada, I repeat, nothing productive was done yesterday. I did vacuum, but mostly cause I saw a furry tumbleweed roll across my dining room floor and couldn't bear the thought of it ending up in my fresh baked cookies. Gross, dude. 

On the other hand, the lack of sleep was totally worth it. Weekend - 1, Alyssa - 0.

Round 1 (Friday Night) : Lake Wylie Sunset Cruises with Captain Jowee

My friend Danielle and her boyfriend Joe (aka Jowee) invited Sam and I (get to know Sam in the Charlotte --> Charlottesville post) out on their boat on Friday night. We hit the water just as the sun was setting in a warm 70 degrees, grabbed some to-go food from a drive-up restaurant on the lake called T-Bones and enjoyed a few cold beers as the night went on. Danielle and Joe even brought their adorable, water-loving pups, Hogan and baby Nola! 

View from the back of the boat - taken with my iPhone 5

Danielle and the pups, Hogan and Nola

You can always count on Snapchat for high quality photos ... w/ Sam

Cove near McDowell Park

Round 2 (Saturday Night) : Sycamore Brewing One-Year Anniversary

This place was POPPIN'. Took me 20 minutes to get a beer, poppin'. I had to stand in the bathroom line 20 minutes before I actually had to go, poppin'. Sorry for the TMI.

Sycamore Brewing is just one of the local breweries here in Charlotte that I frequent. They have an awesome outdoor area where live bands play on weekends and about 10 different home-brewed, award-winning beers on tap (try the Southern Girl Lager if you go!). This weekend, they hosted their one-year anniversary celebration on site from noon to 10pm and drew in a crowd so big they used their parking lot as a pour station. 

Since my college days, noon to 10pm drinking is obviously no longer an option (goodbye, liver). So instead I ventured over around 7 to catch one of my favorite bands, Of Good Nature, who mix the sounds of Rock, Reggae and Funk. OGN just released their 2nd album titled "Life Worth Living" and on day one peaked at the #5 spot on iTunes in the Reggae category. These guys can seriously JAM. Did I mention I also went to high school with the lead singer? (I'm basically famous... by association... sorta). 

Lead Singer, Cameron Brown / Drums & Back-up Vocals, Joey Vachon / Bass,  John Reed / Trombone, Brandon Hucks

Photo Credit: Joey Vachon w/ Of Good Nature (@joeyvachon on Instagram)
Friends Sam (left) and Shannon (Right) - Yes, Shannon. You made the blog but its only cause I didn't take enough pics. 

Round 3 (Sunday Night) : Carolina Panthers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Remember in Round 2 when I said I couldn't drink from noon to 10pm anymore? My bad, I lied. Sunday was an absolute blast and yes, it started at noon. We had the ultimate tailgating set up - A TV broadcasting the 1 o'clock and 4 o'clock games in the bed of my friend Michael's truck, a massive cooler piled high with beer (tailgating essential, obviously), snacks, Kan-Jam and last but not least, about 30 people who shared a similar interest. The only thing that could have made this day better was if it were a Steelers game instead of the Panthers... :)

The game kicked off at 8:30, we were on the 40 yard line 10 rows back and we made new friends with the fans in front of us. Although the game itself was filled with 3 Cam Newton interceptions - and an "OH NO!" moment when I thought my boy Luke Kuechly was hurt - it ultimately ended in a Panthers win, Alyssa with no voice and a 2am bedtime. I call that a successful night... and a really rough Monday morning. 

View from our seats! 

"Crucial Catch" game @ Bank of America Stadium supporting Breast Cancer survivors

It's now Tuesday night and I finally have a normal voice. I'm still catching up on sleep and I need 2-a-Days to burn all the beer calories. But, this weekend was filled with a ton of fun and zero regrets. Since my Steelers are pretty much out of the running, I'm looking forward to seeing how far Carolina can go this season! 

Thanks for checking out today's Weekend Recap! Check back next week for posts on DIY Halloween Costumes and a rundown of Birthdays and Bar Crawls. 

Happy Birthday, Sam!