Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 6: Blogging Challenge

Day Six: Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

1.       I played the trombone in Honors Band in 5th grade.
I quit in 6th.
2.       I've played fastpitch softball nearly my whole life.
Until I got injured in high school.
3.       I can fold my tongue to look like a clover.
But only for close friends.
4.       I can do the worm forward & backward.
That’s also only for close friends. Or dance floors.
5.       I’ve only been out of the country once.
Okay, twice if you include a cruise.
6.       I can still do a one-handed cartwheel round-off.
No one said anything about sticking the landing.
7.       I can type 110 words per minute with 0 mistakes.
And then get a cramp in my hands.
8.       I can’t wink, with either eye.
But I can make my eyes go two different directions.
9.       I fell off a stool when I was 3 and split my lip open.
You can still see the scar.
10.   I swam at the NC State Swim Meet my junior year of high school.
It was a team relay, still counts.
11.   I was on Homecoming Court 3 out of 4 years.
Not once did I buy a dress for it. I’ve got friends with good tastes.
12.   I ran hurdles and the 100 yard dash in middle school.
Now I trip going up the stairs.
13.   I write down everything I eat.
I really don’t have a good reason for this. I’m just weird.
14.   My eyes change color based on what I’m wearing.
Does that make me part chameleon?
15.   My second toe is longer than my big toe.
Some say that’s a sign of wisdom. I agree.
16.   I lost the 5th grade spelling bee.
Metamorphosis sounds a lot like metamorphisis. 
17.   I totaled my first car 3 months ago.
Thank God for insurance.
18.   I’ve been asked if I was a professional golfer.
It was my very first time at a driving range.
19.   Sometimes I practice writing with the opposite hand.
You know, just for precautionary reasons.
20.   I don’t like chocolate cake.
Or chocolate ice cream. Or chocolate frosting. But I like chocolate.
21.   I shaved my legs in a dorm room sink in college.
Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol.
22.   I’ve never used a fake ID.
But I looked 25 then and 19 now.
23.   I try not to go anywhere without a water bottle.
The one time I do, it’s like the Sahara Desert all up in there.
24.   I keep chapstick in every room in my house.
And my purse. And my car. And my office.
25.   I have about 50 statement necklaces.
Maybe even more. Don’t judge.
26.   I’d rather wear tennis shoes and sweats than heels and skirts.
I’m a huge tomboy. Always have been and always will be.
27.   My mom, my step mom and I all have “Lynn” as our middle names.
And it will be my future daughter’s too.
28.   I still know every lyric to all the 90’s boy band songs.
But it ain’t no lie. [baby bye bye bye]
29.   I could literally eat pizza for every meal for the rest of my life.
If only it were calorie-free. It would make writing down food so much easier.
30.   I’m allergic to cats.
At least I know I won’t be an old cat lady. Maybe just dogs.

So this post was wayyy harder to write than I thought it would be! 30 interesting facts? I didn't think I was interesting enough for 10 facts. I surprised myself, haha.

Thanks for stopping by for Day 6 of the Blogging Challenge. You now know more about me than I ever wanted you to :)