Monday, November 02, 2015

DIY "Spring" Costume


This is what comes to mind when I think of the month of October. No where... in any of that... do I think about flowers, baby ducks, puddle jumping, picnics and cute colorful rain boots. Hence my difficulty coming up with a creative costume for this year's Halloween festivities. Three of my closest girlfriends and I probably spent 2 weeks attempting to find a group costume that A) wasn't going to break the bank and B) didn't take 4 weeks and a master sewer to complete. 

We decided on "The 4 Seasons".
SAM = Winter, she loves snowboarding & wants to move to Colorado
KRISTIN = Summer, she's tan year-round & looks adorable in water wings (jk)
LESLIE = Fall, lover of all things autumn, except the Starbucks PSL

.... and then there's me.

I looked at Pinterest, Google, Bing, Yahoo, AskJeeves (anyone else still use that?) and last but not least, the children's section at Party City #noshame. I started a generic search for "4 Seasons Halloween Costume" instead of "Spring Costume" and it returned results, but all of them involved a quarter of the clothing that my father would have EVER let me leave the house in. Like 2 flowers for a shirt. That's it. Finally, after 3 days of searching and pages 15 & 16 deep on Google images, I found my light bulb.

I present to you - the Alyssa version of a DIY Spring Costume

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* This is by no means professional quality and I don't claim to be an expert - it is meant as a general guide *


Skirt & Top
4 yards of white tulle - Walmart, $0.97/yard
1 yard of 1.5" Elastic - Walmart, $1.47
Artificial Flowers, flower heads removed from stem (~7 bunches) - Dollar Store, $7
Light pink 3/4 sleeve shirt - Goodwill, $4 

Flower Crown
Wire Hanger - used an old one from my closet, free
Artificial Flowers, flower heads removed from stem (~3 bunches) - Dollar Store, $3
Optional: Green Yarn - had lying around the house, free

Other Materials
Straight pins
White thread
Sewing needle
Hot glue
Wire cutters

Total Spent: ~$20

Working on the skirt: 1) Buying the tulle 2) Pinning tulle to elastic and 3) Sewing tulle to elastic band

Assortment of artificial flowers - detached from stem

Hot gluing the flowers to the SECOND layer of tulle - don't glue to first or the flowers might catch on something 

Working on the Flower Crown - a wire hanger bent and starting to wrap with green yarn

Arranging my flowers in a pattern I like before hot gluing to the wire hanger

Process - Skirt

  1. I started by laying out the 4 yards of tulle on the floor. It came folded in half height-wise so I left it as is, knowing I could trim the bottom if I wanted the skirt shorter. 
  2. I folded the tulle length-wise in thirds, creating a fuller skirt with more layers. Make sure you have enough material to wrap around your waist with a little extra! Set aside.
  3. Using the elastic, wrap around your waist to a size you feel comfortable. 
  4. If there is excess elastic, mark the spot with a pen where you plan to cut.
  5. Lay the tri-folded tulle out on a flat surface and place the elastic over the top edge of the tulle.
  6. My tulle was longer than my elastic (intentional) so I started scrunching up the tulle and pinning it to the elastic with the straight pins until the edge of the tulle and the end of the elastic met. 
  7. Hand sew the elastic to the tulle - make sure to sew through all the layers - and secure the thread with knots. You should have a slightly scrunched top of the skirt, almost pleated.
  8. Optional: Trim the bottom of the tulle to make the skirt shorter.
  9. Start hot gluing the artificial flowers to the bottom of the 2nd layer of the tulle - you'll want to leave the top layer to cover the flowers and help keep them from falling off. I placed an old magazine under the 2nd layer so I didn't accidentally glue the flowers to the 3rd layer too.
  10. Let dry.
  11. Pin the elastic band together to complete the skirt. (Optional: Sew the open skirt edges together to make it a full circle) I just pinned the elastic so I could reuse/re-size if I decide to use the skirt for something else.

Process - Flower Headband

  1. Using wire cutters, cut off the hook part of the hanger and untwist to open it up.
  2. Start bending into a circle shape (might take a bit of work, be patient) that matches the size of your head.
  3. Optional: Wrap the wire in the green thread (gardening tape would work too) just to hide the actual hanger.
  4. Start hot gluing the artificial flowers in a design you like onto the wire.
  5. Let dry. 

Note: I wore a white pencil skirt under the tulle skirt since it is rather see-through.

Pair the finished skirt with the pink top, put on your flower crown and add some spring shoes (I wore white lace Toms) to complete the look!

Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

Mr. Winter, Mrs. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall & a puppy cameo :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my post on how to make a DIY Spring Costume. If you decide to make this, please share your pictures! If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to leave a note in the comment section below. 

Wishing everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!