Friday, November 20, 2015

Holiday Outfit Guide: Thanksgiving

Happy Friday, Readers! 

With the holidays quickly approaching and a 100% guarantee that I will be stuffing my face / gaining 10lbs in 2 days, I wanted to share a few of my outfit ideas for Thanksgiving festivities. I created these based on items that I already have in my closet (or super similar) and also that are a little "forgiving" if you will. Ain't nobody wanna see my food baby. 

Thanksgiving is a little different for my family. With my parents divorced, we split our time between Mom and Dad... which means double food and zero regret. Both sides live here in Charlotte so fortunately no heavy traveling! I'm looking forward to spending time with everyone and really can't wait to see my little brother back in town from school at AppState! When my two brothers and I get together it's always goofy (with a few sibling jabs) and by the end of the day we're all sick of each other. But that's how it should be :)

I took a couple days off from work to help with cooking/baking and just because  I wanted a couple days off. We'll spend Wednesday night at my Mom's - I'm making green bean casserole and a cranberry brussels sprout salad (we'll see how that turns out, mom's request). Thursday will be at Dad & Keely's (my step mom) - I'm making honey glazed carrots and a pumpkin swirl cheesecake. #GetInMyBelly

one | the "I refuse to wear pants" look (no really, I'm not wearing pants)
Dress |Boots |Vest |Watch |Bracelet |Scarf |Earrings

two | the "fake it til you make it" look (psst. these are stretchy pants)
Pants || Shirt |Vest |Boots || Bracelets || Necklace || Purse

three | the "I'm too cool for school" look (where are my glasses?)

Shirt |Shirt |Purse || Earrings |Boots |Leggings

four | the "I tried but not really" look ('A' for effort?)

Jeans |Sweater |Scarf |Boots |Earrings |Lipstick |Watch |Bracelet

Happy Weekend!