Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Day 10: Blogging Challenge

Day Ten: Discuss your first love and first kiss.

Ooh la la, young love. Haha, I wish online blogging let you put the monkey face emoji that's covering it's eyes. This is about to get embarrassing!

My first kiss and first love were not the same but a fun story nonetheless.... and no it did not look anything like the adorable picture above (how cute are they?!).

First Kiss | I was 14 years old (I think?!) and lived in a neighborhood full of boys and girls my age. We were inseparable, all 20 of us. We all swam on the neighborhood swim team. We all went to the same schools. We had sleepovers (well the girls at least). We carpooled. Every weekend night we'd stay out as late as we were allowed - so when the street lights came on - playing Hide and Seek, Ghost in the Graveyard and Capture the Flag. Sometimes (and by that I mean when our parents were outside drinking in the driveway with all the other parents cause that was totally a thing) they'd let us stay out past dark for Ghost in the Graveyard. It was hands down our favorite game and we'd count to midnight and yell as loud as we could for all the neighborhood to hear. Then we'd run to try to find the person hiding ("The Ghost") and have to run back to base (aka the street light) without getting tagged or you become the next ghost. I remember one night we were playing past street light time and I was running around trying to find the ghost with a family friend named Ryan. He was my brother's best friend's little brother and I had a little teenage crush on him. Long story made short we were behind a neighbors house in between some pine trees and he planted one on my lips. I don't remember anything about it other than I was huge tom boy and kissing boys was super gross. So romantic right? Hope yours was better.

First Love | There was a guy named Alex that I ironically met 2 years later at above mentioned first kiss Ryan's parent's house. I was 16 years old and our families were gathered for the Super Bowl and in walks this 6' tall blonde hair green-eyed kid. I was shy and super awkward, but he started talking to me and we ended up exchanging AOL AIM screen names (I was sportschik14, he was dukeguy51... how could I forget?). We talked, er typed, almost every night for over a year until we were old enough to get phones, then we texted and occasionally called. He lived in Greenville, SC and I in Charlotte, NC but we had managed to meet up a couple times in the next few years. I went to an Aerosmith concert with him and his parents, he rode his motorcycle (yes, motorcycle, my Dad loved that) on a day trip to Charlotte to see me and a couple other random times. We got older and went to college and stayed in touch through college. We never officially dated but I was totally head over heels for this kid. Unfortunately, as we grew older we grew apart and the last time I saw him was a couple years ago when he was dating someone. I still wonder about him to this day! 

I truly hope that your first kiss and first love stories are better than mine. Is anyone still with their first love or first kiss partner? I want to hear your story and live vicariously :)

Thanks for stopping by for Day 10 of the Blogging Challenge - 1/3 of the way done!