Monday, December 14, 2015

Day 12: Blogging Challenge

Day Twelve: Bullet Your Whole Day.

Well since I can't blog about my whole day on the same day, I'll bullet yesterday #GAMEDAY #SUNDAYFUNDAY #SOHOTITSLIKESUMMER

Bridgette, Brooke, Alli, Yours Truly, Sam, Emily
Crazy looking lightrail station at 8:30am // Bucket o' beers @ Angry Ales Charlotte (via Leslie)

  • Wake up at 8am via text from Sam, "are you coming with?" 
  • Tell her "No, I have too much to do today"
  • Reply again saying "Eh, whatever, YOLO" and hop out of bed 
  • Let dog out and feed dog
  • Brush teeth, wash face, dry shampoo, throw some makeup on
  • Get dressed - rocking the 'Mighty fine fifty nine' Carolina Panthers jersey #ILoveYouKuechly
  • Grab the sunglasses (it's like 74 degrees out), a breakfast bar, a Naked smoothie from the fridge and a couple beers for tailgating
  • Drive to Sam & Jeremy's to grab them 
  • Head to the lightrail in Charlotte and ride uptown 
  • Arrive to tailgating spot and pour mimosas, set up cornhole boards and food
  • Drink & eat
  • Made up a story to some man at the lightrail station that I hitch-hiked from Ohio to come tailgate but I lost my ticket and couldn't go to the game. He totally believed me & said he liked my converse shoes.
  • Ride lightrail home around 12pm as everyone heads into the game (I was not about to pay $200 for a ticket)
  • Get home, let dog out again
  • Change jerseys - it's Steelers time!!! (Big Ben #7)
  • Grab the pup and head to Angry Ales bar on Montford 
  • Try to find a seat for 30 minutes
  • Finally find a seat and try to find a server
  • Prevent Boone (the pup) from trying to eat all the trash on the ground for 3 hours ... he has a thing for napkins
  • Watch my Steelers whoop up on the Bengals and Carolina crush the Falcons with a bucket of Miller Lite and a chicken quesadilla
  • Head home 
  • Shower
  • Be super lazy for the rest of the night until bedtime around 10:30pm

Helloooo Sunday Funday... Goodbyeeee productive Monday. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend, cheers to the undefeated CAROLINA PANTHERS and a big win for the PITTSBURGH STEELERS!