Friday, January 08, 2016

2016 Resolutions

learn something new | make my own sushi, knit a scarf, kick box, underwater basket weave, whatever. I just want to challenge myself and expand my skill sets!

read more | not only do I want to focus on physical exercise, but I want to exercise mentally too. Books are a conversation starter, a way to escape reality and such a good way to build up your knowledge base. You know, sound ed-ju-ma-cated.

adventure | north carolina is an amazing, amazing, (have I mentioned amazing?) place. Especially being in Charlotte where I can take a 2 hour drive and be in the mountains or a 3 hour drive and be on a beach. There is absolutely no excuse for me to not get out and explore. I'm talking weekend hiking trips, camping, beaching with margs, spelunking (okay maybe not that one) but you get the point. I might even adventure out of North Carolina, let's get wild! (ps. yes, that's me on a really scary ledge on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the picture above)

keep in touch | the older I get, the more reality sets in. I'm not going to have my family and friends forever, that's just how the circle of life works (did you start singing The Lion King song? Because I definitely did). I miss hand-writing letters to relatives. Sending hard copies of pictures. I seriously get so excited when I get something in the mail other than bills (#grownupprobz). I'm going to work on actually calling people (yeah, that still exists). No more of this "Oh, but you can keep up with my life on Facebook", "Just text me" nonsense. 

be present | aka get off my phone. I think everyone is aware of how our generation is literally glued to electronics and I want to start spending time in the now with the people that surround me. In the really creepy Saw movie voice; Let's play a game. Go to dinner with friends. Everyone puts their phone in the middle of the table. First one to touch theirs pays for someone else's dinner/a round of drinks. Who's in??

take risks | maybe i'll color my hair pink (jk, I like my job). I'm a huge planner and sometimes - okay, all the time - I get flustered when something doesn't go as planned. This year I'm going to learn to go with the flow and take risks by not planning... or at least not planning everything #babysteps.

purge | and no, not like the movie. I'm not murderer. Like my yoga instructor last night said, "Just get rid of all the shit in your life". This includes my closet, although I'm not sure that's what she was referring to haha. Get rid of the clutter, the old stuff that I don't use anymore, the negative thoughts, the bad vibes. 

give back | I'll admit this is what I call a "rollover" goal (aka I said it last year and it never happened). I want to volunteer, donate, assist, give and expect nothing in return.

save | No reason other than because um, well my bank account is pathetic and if I ever want to buy a house (which I do) I better get on it. 

don't forget about me | I know that this sounds super cliche and pretty selfish BUT I think it's super important. Looking back on this back year (and being in a relationship) I started to put everything before my own happiness. I really want to take time this year to focus on me. If I can't make myself happy how am I supposed to make someone else happy?

and one bonus one;

ask for help | after living by myself for a few years I've become super self-dependent. Carrying 4 gallons of water up the stairs for the work Keurig? I got this. A couple trips to the car to get groceries? Yeah right. Whole house needs cleaned and people are coming over in 20 minutes? I'm breaking a sweat. Point being, I need to remember that there are people in my life here to support and help me, no matter how little the task may seem. All I have to do is ask. 

So to wrap things up - 

Friends, be prepared for a phone call because I saw a spider on my wall in a condo at the beach when I looked up from my book and I need help killing it

Happy 2016 from the new and improved Alyssa :)