Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weekend Recap - Charlottesville, Again

So I decided that I love Charlottesville, Virginia. Like the "Well if you love it then why don't you marry it?"    L-O-V-E. It's such a perfect little town. Even when it's covered with 2ft of snow. I might be biased given that my best friend / other half / college roomie is currently a resident, but still. Have y'all seen this place?

I wrote a little bit about the home to the University of Virginia in my first Charlottesville post, but it just makes me so happy. Honestly, it reminds me a lot of my college town and home of Appalachian State University (#GoNeers), Boone, NC. Naturally, when Kristin asked me to come visit her I just couldn't turn it down. And naturally, the same weekend I plan on visiting, the biggest snow storm the East coast has ever seen decides he wants to visit too. 

Jonas; you ain't got nothin' on us. 

I arrived Thursday night (albeit a few "Don't go up there, you'll get stuck" "Have you checked the weather?" "Be careful driving" warnings) and walked into Kristin's place to a fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza and a bottle of red wine. I told you guys she was the bomb. We spent the night gossiping, catching up and reminding each other of the ridiculous things we did in college that our kids should never find out about. 

Friday morning was our chance to go out on the town before the storm hit. We went to this heavenly little coffee shop called Mudhouse on the Downtown Mall. It was straight out of a movie. Comfy recliners, a couple small tables, a window ledge complete with pillows, checkers/chess boards, handwritten chalkboard menus and that to-die-for java smell. I don't often take the time to sit down in coffee shops, but this a special occasion, obviously. Kristin ordered an Americano (typical...) and myself a full of fat, full of sugar, Hazelnut latte in a "here" cup as they called it. ohhhh myyy goosssshhhh. SO GOOD. AND SO PRETTY. Just look at it. Look. Now. *and queue drooling*

Friday early afternoon it started snowing like crazy. No joke in a matter of 20 minutes the entire town of CVille was under a blanket of white. And a total ghost town. Fortunately, Kristin drives a Subaru so we were able to drive to grab food before the roads got too bad. And drive we did... straight to Lampo Neapolitan Pizza and straight into Food Coma City, population: 2. We ordered two pizzas, thinking "YES! Leftovers!". Nope, wrong. We ate every last bite and didn't regret a single finger lick. We ordered the Hellboy Pizza - fresh mozarella, pepperoni and this amazing house made sauce called Scorpion Pepper Honey (someone pleeeeease find me this recipe) and another pie with prosciutto, fresh arugula, lemon juice and grana padano (a really fancy cheese). No meal is complete without a beverage - we both chose local IPAs.

The local news crew (NBC29) actually did a segment on Lampo while we were there - Kristin and I were pizza cutting, beer drinking models for all of 4 seconds #goals. We watched it air that same night! 

The rest of the weekend was full of eating & drinking; Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf (recipe coming soon!), Chicken Parm, Sweet Potato Hash, Brownies, Kahlua-spiked coffee, wine, Diet Coke and Kahlua (ya get desperate creative sometimes), Cookies & Cream ice cream and peanut butter protein pancakes. Calories don't count on weekends, don't cha know?

Other activities included; movie watching, snapchatting ridiculousness, snowy photo shoots and practicing beer pong (what else do you do when you're snowed in?)

Here's our "Planned" vs "What actually happened" weekend;

Hike at Shenandoah National Park Hike to Food Lion because we can't drive
Restaurant Week @ Himalayan Fusion Restaurant Week @ Casa De Kristin
Drinks at a local brewery 3 bottles of wine & one Diet Coke w/ Kahlua
Coffee & walk around Downtown Mall Coffee and walk to the fridge

Sunday afternoon came and that meant it was sadly time to leave. With leaving came an hour and a half (yes, you read that right) of digging out my car from under 2 feet of snow. We were sore, cold, wet ... and then had to dig out Kristin's car. But hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! No literally, best workout I've had in a long time. 

Although this weekend didn't totally go as planned, there's no one else I'd rather be snowed in with than the girl that's seen the absolute worst of me. Kristin is truly the kind of person you could laugh with staring at a blank wall. I'd do it all again in heartbeat ... especially the part about eating two pizzas. 

Until next time, Charlottesville!