Friday, February 12, 2016

UN-Valentine's Weekend

Okay, okay, so it's not really UN-Valentine's for me ... but it's not exactly Valentine's either. And honestly, I just wanted an excuse to draw the little heart strings for the quote below. Clearly artistic capabilities should not be included on my resume. 

Let me back up...

I've been seeing an amazing guy for a little over 2 months but it's one of those things where I'm like, "Do I get him something? What if I don't and he gets me something? OMG am I too clingy? But we're not even dating. But we are dating! Yeah we're dating, cause we go on dates. We eat food together in public. That's gotta count." I wish I could say that I'm cool and collected and by no means did any of those thoughts run through my head, but uh, liar liar pants on fire. 

Fortunately (unfortunately?) he recently told me he's going to be out of town visiting family over the weekend. WHEW! Which means I just wasted a solid 30 seconds fretting over nothing. While this is bad news - of course I wish he'd stay in town - it's also good news because planning a romantic but not over the top romantic but not really romantic at all cause we're not dating weekend is off my to-do list. I'll drink to that!

Back to the vodka er, weekend...

Yes, Valentine's Day is all about ©LOVE© but that doesn't mean it has to be about someone else showing you the love. You can love yourself, or love your gals, or in my case spend the weekend drunk teaching your dog new tricks. He loves me, don't judge. So here it is;

5 Ways to Spread the Love this Valentine's

Pamper Yourself | love yourself.

  • Get a massage 
  • Do an at-home spa day
  • Buy yourself flowers 
  • Make a fancy meal for one 

Get Involved | love giving back.

  • Volunteer at a Retirement home 
  • Visit a humane society
  • Work with the Big Brother / Big Sister organization 
  • Bake cookies for the neighbors

Host a 'Gal'entine's Party | love your girls.

  • Dress in your Valentine's best or heart-print PJ's. Your choice!
  • Make tons of desserts because Valentines = Chocolate
  • Watch your favorite Netflix Chick Flicks
  • Do a Valentine's themed gift exchange

Shake Things Up | love adventure.

  • Visit a place you've always wanted to go
  • Take a random road trip
  • Try that new restaurant that got great reviews 
  • Take a free fitness class - FlyWheel, Pure Barre, Yoga, etc.

Wine Wind Things Down | love relaxation.

  • Read a woman-empowering novel
  • Have a movie date with your favorite celebrity dude (Leo marathon, please!)
  • Indulge in a fancy bottle of red and don't feel bad drinking it all

No matter what you choose to do/who you choose to celebrate with this year, just remember that your own happiness is most important and to always, always love yourself.

Happy Valentine's Day!