Friday, September 30, 2016

Bachelorette on a Budget - #LastShawShow

Anyone ever start writing like 2.5 blog posts and somehow NONE of them ever end up published? HI. NICE TO MEET YOU, I'm Alyssa.

It's been way too many months and it's like, nearly Christmas (ah!), and I can't figure out where time is going but it's definitely going and it's been SO fun.

We've hosted parties at our new house, we've traveled, we've been whitewater rafting, we've been to Pittsburgh, and I honestly can't remember the rest cause I don't write anything down anymore. Pretty sure I said I was starting this blog so I would remember things like this. #MyBad.

Speaking of hashtags, #LastShawShow was more like #LastShitShow but let's be social media proper for the bachelorette party of the future wife of a PGA player. That's right, Professional Golf Association player. Go check him out, you know you wanna stalk! Mackenzie Hughes. BOOM. 

Ya'll just look at these two love birds <3 

When Jenna asked me to be her Co-MOH I was completely flattered. Then freaked out. Then flattered again. And then it was like a month before her bach bash and I still didn't have a house rented. Or decorations purchased. Or shirts made. Rookie move, Alyssa. Rookie move. Insert the "I remember my first bachelorette party" quote. But in all seriousness this was my first time even going to bachelorette party, let alone planning one, so I had every reason to be a rookie.

TGFP (that's my newly created phrase praising Pinterest and all it's glory) + a little bit of my own creative juices and I like to think the whole weekend turned out pretty freaking awesome. 

I wanted to share with everyone a few things I made/purchased to make Jenna's weekend fun, classy and just a little bit raunchy. Because every bachelorette party should have a little bit of that, duh. A lot of the girls were flying in from up North and spending a good chunk of change on transportation, so I wanted to keep the costs minimal and the good times maximum. (Two points for that cheesy line, hey hey).

Planning  Microsoft Excel, VRBO, Etsy, Gmail & Tons of Googling

The hardest part about planning was the starting point and how to keep costs low. I knew that Jenna wanted her weekend in Savannah, GA (check), I knew that she wanted a house vs hotel (noted) and I knew that there were 8 girls invited (cool). First things first; location, location, location. Savannah is SO awesome. If you haven't been, GO and not only because you can walk around with alcohol in public but it's just awesome. There's so much to do and so many places to see so I started creating this itinerary (seen above) on Microsoft Excel. I wanted something I could 1. Edit easily and 2. Snip and send to the girls once finalized. 

I locked down a house in the heart of Savannah on VRBO with a month to spare. The total came to $106/person for the entire weekend and the location could not be beat. I ordered "Bridesmaid" and "Bride" tanks off Etsy for $104 total. I researched restaurants on Yelp, and finalized our outfits based on things I thought all the girls would already have (ie: recycle that NYE dress for a sparkly theme).

Lastly, I finalized and paid for a Pedal Cart tour for the first night of our stay. It's basically this huge bike with 8 seats on it where your group pedals around Savannah, bar hopping with cocktails, and Spice Girls blaring. Okay, maybe the Spice Girls part was just us.

If you need recommendations for any of the above, click these links! All highly reviewed by yours truly :)

The house we stayed in.
The shop owner on Etsy for the shirts we ordered (customized).
The pedal cart company we used.
Dinner at Jazz'd, Tapas style
Dinner at Tubby's, Casual style

Decor │ Dollar Store, Michael's & The Printer at Work (whoops)

I stuck with pretty simple, girly decor for the theme (black and pink) and the Dollar Store slowly became my best friend. I bought table cloths, napkins, plates, cups, these adorable mini shot glasses, balloons, gift bags, etc. 

I purchased a"Cheers" balloon banner on super sale for $5 at Michael's craft store (similar linked here).

I also made the customized mug shot printouts on Microsoft Word and printed them on cardstock to save some money! You can buy them on Etsy here if you're not feeling creative but they were super easy to make. 

Games   More of the Printer at Work (whoops again)

The games were one of the highlights of the weekend. I created a game called "Porn or Polish" in which you had to identify whether the name listed was a Porno (please don't be reading this Mom and Dad) or the name of a nail polish. This was hysterical! And apparently super tough... I gave away a hot pink, light pink and silver sparkle polish set to the winner, who actually only got 3 right. I made the game cards on Microsoft Word and printed them on cardstock. Once I can figure out how to post printable docs on here, I promise I'll share! 

The other game was Dirty Pictionary. I created a list of naughty terms that were cut up, folded and put in a bag for someone to pick. The girls were broken out in teams and the person who picked the term had to sketch out what they thought it was (can't talk and can't write letters!) and the other girls had to guess. Just imagine these words being yelled at the top of our lungs in a little 2 bedroom apartment with all our hot pink wigs on. Where's a picture of that when you need it?! I gave the girls on the winning team each a $5 Starbucks giftcard, cause, uh, what else do you give someone who knows how to draw a MILF? :)

Outfits │Hot pink, Black & Sparkly

Okay, first of all, trying to plan outfits for 7 girls that is cost friendly, trendy and unique is dumb challenging. Like what was I thinking? Typical bach clothing is girls in black dresses, bride in white. Cool, I got this. Wait, I don't got this... we have two nights and how does that possibly make us stand out in the city of Bachelorette parties? 


Yup, it was happening. I decided Friday night would be our still-dress-up-but-not-as-dressy night and Saturday would be our go-all-out night. Cue the pink wigs. 

Friday I had all the girls in those recycled New Years Eve dresses I mentioned before and Jenna was in pink. Saturday I had all the girls in all black with these ridiculous wigs and IT WAS AWESOME. Everyone wanted our pictures and we got a "you have the coolest bridesmaids ever!". I had Jenna in all white with a bridal veil and her bach checklist that I made out of foam poster board and shiny silver scrapbook paper. Clearly she loved me for making her wear it but she totally kicked ass and got all of them signed off on. GO GIRL. 

Top: Jenna & her Bach Checklist // Middle: Night out with Pink Wigs // Bottom: Dinner before wigs 

Overall if was such a fun weekend, very little hangover time and lots of bridesmaid bonding. Totally tooting my own horn here and not sorry about it cause it KILLED the MOH game. #RIP. Girlfriends, who's bach is up next? :)