Monday, October 03, 2016

Weekly Food Roundup | Week of Sept 26

Another 7 days of work, workout, eat, sleep, repeat has passed and here we are in the end of September. This summer has literally flown by and at this point we can pretty much say it's almost Christmas, right? Okay, so maybe not really but At Home already has their trees out sooo that's that.

Anyway, it's been an awesome summer so far with traveling, spending time with friends, swimming, boating, adventuring and moving into a new house (like how I slipped that minor life event in? More details in a future post!) but um, I think I blinked and skipped 3 months. 

Time just goes by too fast! The sun is up and back down before I know it, we walk the dog on autopilot and the laundry cycle is on infinity. We cook, clean, straighten, vacuum, vacuum some more (seriously, how much fur can one dog shed?!). 

But let's go back to cooking because food is basically the center of my whole world. If I'm not eating food, I'm thinking about food. And if I'm eating food, I'm planning my next meal. And if I'm planning my next meal, I'm snacking... you get the point. I'm one of those rare people that actually enjoys cooking and spending time writing out my meals for the week. However, all that time spent on planning and prepping and then those meals come and go and I literally can't remember what I ate a day ago. 

SO I'm starting a weekly food series that rounds up all my meals for the week and it's all because my boyfriend can't tell me what his favorite meal is because neither one of us can remember what I've made. Holy run-on sentence.

Alyssa: 1
Time: 0

This little guy right here is my go-to. I got bored one day and decided to make a printable guide for breakfast, snacks (x2), lunch, dinner and workouts. I wanted it colorful, exciting and to waste all my company's ink. Just kidding, but I will say that I never print it black & white, because what fun would that be? I made it just using Microsoft Word and a bunch of random shapes and clip art, but I'm sure someone could easily recreate this (and make it look much nicer) in another program.

Using this template really helps me;

  1. Eat Healthy
  2. Exercise Regularly
  3. Save Money
  4. Re-use ingredients
  5. Improve my cooking skills

At least during the work week, sometimes weekends go a little askew.

This Week

Monday White Chicken Chili with Tortilla Chips

Original Recipe found at Cooking Classy

This recipe was the It was a rainy Monday here in Charlotte and I wanted something to warm up my soul. Or toes from my water-logged flats, whatever. It made enough for dinner for my boyfriend and I, plus enough for lunch for both of us the next day. It was just as great reheated as it was fresh! 

I re-used grilled corn, chicken I had already cooked, and leftover fresh cilantro from the fridge to save time and money.

Tuesday │ Applebee's Copycat Bruschetta Chicken Salad with Fried Mozz Bites

Cocktails & Creatives Original Recipe

I have GOT to share this recipe with you guys. I spent 3 of my 4 college years working at the Applebee's in Boone, NC and I swear I ate this salad twice a week. I researched everywhere trying to find a copycat recipe online but with no luck decided to just make my own from memory.

Diced roasted red peppers, farmers market tomatoes, fresh basil and red onion make up the bruschetta (Applebee's used to add Kalamata Olives too, but yuck). Charcoal grilled chicken breasts, shredded mozarella cheese and fried mozzarella bites (I used leftover string cheese I had in the fridge) sit atop a bed of mixed greens. Light Champagne Vinaigrette and balsamic glaze finish it off. 

So. Good. I'll try to post the recipe soon! This made enough for big portions for dinner and lunch leftovers for both the boyfriend and I for the next day.

Wednesday│ Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf with Thyme Potato Stacks & Asparagus

Original Meatloaf Recipe found at Self Proclaimed Foodie

Original Potato Stack Recipe found at Fresh Dreamer

Probably my 3rd time making this meatloaf and it's delicious and perfect every single time. The crunchiness of the french fried onions mixed with the moist meatloaf, brown sugar topping and salty bacon are seriously to die for. A perfect meal to impress guests! I served it with the potato stacks and asparagus that was tossed in Light Italian Dressing before oven roasting.

This made 6 mini meatloaves and 12 individual potato stacks, so lots for leftovers. I already had a lot of these ingredients on hand, so pretty much only spent extra on the asparagus.

Thursday│ Soul Gastrolounge (out to eat) + #NationalCoffeeDay

Soul Gastrolounge Menu

Totally botched pictures from Thursday and I'm sorry I'm not sorry because I think I ate our food in 4 minutes flat. But I did get a picture of the menu and my NoDa Brewing Hop Drop N' Roll IPA while I was waiting. It was all served tapas style, so things come out when they're ready. My fav.

Ordered; Asian Glazed Pork Belly Tacos (must have!), Gyro Skewers, Tzatziki Dip with Pita Chips, Fried Goat Cheese on Bruschetta 

Friday│ Ru San's Japanese (out to eat)

Ru San's Menu

No shame here, Kevin and I legit eat at this place like once every two weeks. They have the most variety, the best prices and the coolest staff. Seriously, their shirts say "This is how we roll". I wish I could say we've tried everything on the menu, but the 4 *gulp* rolls we ordered are just SO good, we never want to venture away. We met up with Jenna and Mac (read about Jenna's Bachelorette Party last weekend in my last post!) for a little double date action. 

Side Note: Mac ate 4 rolls by himself so guess I don't feel so bad splitting ours. 

Ordered; (left to right) Sea Salt Edamame with Ponzu Sauce, Gladiator Roll, Atomic Salmon Roll, Rich and Famous Roll, Mad Max Roll.

Awesome week for food, friend and finally fall(-ish) weather. Can't wait to start planning next week's meals to share with you all! 
What are some of your healthy go-to weekday meals?