Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Wine Cork Pumpkin Tutorial

First things first; my blog is called COCKTAILS & Creatives so you're not allowed to judge me for the amount of wine corks I had available for this project.

Secondly; if you don't drink as much wine as I do, either 1) Ask your friends to save their corks or 2) you can always buy them online from sites like Ebay or Amazon.

Now that that's out of way, let's continue...

*uncorks bottle of wine to write this post*

I'm not going to lie, when I first counted how many wine corks I had I wanted to make a GIGANTIC pumpkin just to say I did it. But then I realized I only had like 3 hot glue sticks and well, that idea was wasted (how am I not a comedian by now?).

Instead I made two smaller ones and realized how adorable they'd be to give as "just because" gifts. 

Brownie points if you give them to your boyfriend's mother.  

Aforementioned boyfriend, Kevin, and I love to write little notes on the corks if we pop a bottle for a special occasion (ie: First bottle in the new house, First bottle popped with friends at our Housewarming party, the bottle we popped on Wednesday... just kidding). But I starting brainstorming a way to prevent these mementos from ending up in the trash once my wine cork collection starting overflowing. Which was like, two weeks ago. 

I have a wine cork trivet set (looks like this) that I got as a Christmas present 3 years ago; still collecting dust.

I have a giant 2ft tall wine glass that holds all my corks; full.

I have hot glue and half a brain; ALL THE FALL CRAFTS!

What You'll Need


25 wine corks
Orange acrylic paint
Foam paint brush
Hot glue gun 
Bright green felt


Note: For the wine corks; used & wine-stained are okay. I think it made it unique as it blended with the orange for a different shade. For best results, use corks similar in shape.

Squeeze a little bit of the paint onto a disposable plate. Using the foam brush, paint both ends of 24 corks, saving the 25th for the stem. Allow 10 minutes or so to dry.

Lay out your corks on the counter in rows starting with 4 on the bottom, then 5, then 6, then back to 5, and 4 again on the top, and hot glue them together.

Take the last cork and carefully cut in half using scissors to make the stem (you could also use a sharper edge like a craft knife but I liked the rough look on mine).

Cut leaf shapes from the green felt, leaving a long piece as the leaf stem. Glue the felt leaf stem to the top of the pumpkin and under the pumpkin stem, so most of the felt leaf is visible.

Measure about 10 inches of twine and begin to wrap it around your pumpkin stem to make the vine. Tie in a knot or bow at the ends.

My pumpkin measured approximately 5"H x 5"W


My Materials

Paint; Craftsmart  Foam Brush; ArtMinds │ Felt; Michaels
Hot Glue Gun; Ad Tech Low Temp


This was an easy, festive project that didn't require many materials or steps. I styled one pumpkin on my mantel and intend to give the other one as a gift to, yep, you guessed it, my boyfriend's mother. I could easily see myself creating an ornament version of this for Christmas-time decorations (future blog post?!). 

Guess that means I need to drink more wine ...