Tuesday, November 29, 2016


So I've been pretty MIA lately and totally slacking on my weekly meal posts/craft ideas/any posts in general really. But that doesn't mean I've been sitting around binge watching Netflix... as nice as that sounds. The past few weeks have been full of crafts, outdoor activities, football, Christmas shopping, eating and more eating. Did I mention eating? I'm still in a food coma from the THREE Thanksgivings we had last week. 

All play and no sleep is probably one of the reasons I'm hacking up my lungs this week. Being sick sucks!



As mentioned above, I spent most of the Thanksgiving holiday (and the day before) with a full plate and full glass. Wednesday night was with Mom devouring the world's best homemade stuffing (it's a recipe passed from my grandmother) and flutes of champagne. Thursday lunch-ish was at my Dad and Step Mom's, complete with pumpkin pie martinis. Thursday evening was spent with Kevin's parents, a fried turkey and IPAs.

OH! and a Pittsburgh Steelers win! 

As exhausted and full as we were, we are so thankful that our families live this close and that we can spend time with everyone during this holiday season. Including my giant of a 'little' brother as seen below. 


You guys, Kevin is such a trooper. He loves to be involved in most things I do (cooking, crafting, not so much cleaning) and whenever I bust out a new project he dives in head first. Nothing changed when the next project on my list was Christmas Tile Coasters. 

Since this is a super inexpensive project (think, like, $4) I had no problem letting him make these on his own. He still has a bit to learn about Mod Podge techniques, and how to not smear newspaper ink all over the coasters, but overall he did a great job and the coasters are proudly on display on our coffee table.

I'll be sharing a post soon with a full tutorial and links for the images but for now I'll leave you with this pic of my handsome guy getting all crafty. 


It's been a couple super exciting weeks not just for us but for friends too! We celebrated the beautiful marriage of our good friends Danielle and Joe in Hilton Head Island, SC on November 19th. Also, my best friend's husband, Mackenzie Hughes, just won his first ever PGA Tour event at the RSM Classic last weekend!! No big deal. We celebrated his win with a bottle of Dom Perignon (thanks to his sponsors) and homemade sushi when he and Jenna got back to Charlotte.

Oh, by the way, totally bought the Facebook-raved-about Sushi Bazooka. Unfortunately it didn't come in on time for our DIY sushi night but you betcha that baby will be used like twice a week once it does arrive. I see a sushi themed party in my near future because #ThatsHowWeRoll. 


On Black Friday, Kevin, the pup and I decided to #OptOutside by hiking the Pinnacle Trail on Crowders Mountain in Kings Mountain, NC. The outdoor company REI is behind the #OptOutside trend and encourages people to get out and explore instead of standing in line and shopping. Judging by the traffic around the Charlotte Premium Outlets (and our neighborhood) we wanted nothing to do with shopping anyway. 

Our luck, by trying to avoid the lines we ended up stuck in line waiting to park at Crowders. Ironic, isn't it?



Our Christmas decorations have been up since, like, November 11th. In our defense though, for all you Judgey McJudgers, they were only up that early because we were taking Christmas card pictures by our wonderfully talented friend, Alex. We can't wait to see how they all turned out but she sent me a few unedited sneak peaks this morning and I literally can't stop looking at them (insert all the heart eye emojis). 

Check out Alex's skills @FollyGirlPhotography on Insta!

Also check out my fur child's modeling skills. That's his good side and he knows it.


Our decorations may have been up since November 11th but it was definitely an artificial tree. Since moving in together, Kevin and I have had a blast planning and starting new traditions and this season we decided that a day trip to the mountains to hand pick a real Christmas tree was a no-brainer. We also decided to leave the hand saw and ropes at home because watching Kevin saw down a tree with a 125lb dog pulling me down the hill because he's gotta be all up in Kevin's grill just didn't sound ideal.

Kevin and his Googling skills found a tree farm about 2.5 hours away from Charlotte called Little Switzerland Fraser Firs where you simply pick your tree, they cut it down and even secure it to your car for you. I'm all about that simplicity! 

Our tree came back in one piece, needles still full and ready to be decorated! 

I'm so excited about some upcoming posts I have to share with you all and even more excited about getting into the Christmas spirit. I'm pretty sure Kevin's just excited about the 7 kinds of Christmas cookies I make each year but to each his own, right?

'Tis the season!