Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Weekly Food Round-up │ Week of Oct 31

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since I started this series! 

So far I've learned that, yes, you can make it 6 weeks without repeating the same meal twice, it's not hard to make two completely different meals from the same ingredients, and also that we eat out probably way more than we should. I mean, Charlotte does have a huge restaurant scene sooo we can blame it on that. 

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What's hilarious (other than McDonald's listed on this) is the notepad notes that Kevin has kept since we started trying to remember our homemade meals. It was an idea that I jokingly came up with about 3 months ago (before creating this series) because neither of us could remember our "favorite meal". We might have it all documented now, but we still can't pick just one favorite! 

This Week

Monday│ Skinny Burrito Bowl Skillet

Original Recipe found at FitFluential

Any excuse to eat Tex-Mex, especially a healthy version, is an automatic W in my book. Speaking of W's ... how about that Carolina Panthers game against the Cardinals?! Other than the fact that it was 84 degrees on October 30th and I reapplied sunscreen twice and spent $30 on bottled water, it was GREAT.

Back to food. This burrito bowl skillet was ridiculously easy and affordable, And affordable was clutch because I'm not sure if you heard me, but we spent THIRTY DOLLARS on 6 bottles of water at the game. SIX.

I had a pound of ground turkey (94% lean) in the freezer from when it was on sale 2 weeks ago at Food Lion (I always stock up during sale weeks). The rest was just miscellaneous toppings - diced onion, salsa, shredded cheese, green onions, and plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I completely forgot to put the diced avocado on top but I can only imagine it would have made it that much better. The only thing I really purchased for this meal was the usual weekly veggies (which will be used in other meals) and a can of red kidney beans.

This recipe made enough for dinner and leftovers for lunch the next day. Although it was definitely more filling with the soft wheat tortilla strips mixed in, I might actually leave them off next time. Or just make actual soft tacos if i'm going to eat them anyway. Does that count as not repeating a meal?

Tuesday │ Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Original Recipe adapted from Ella Claire

ALL THE NOMS. I'm a sucker for buffalo chicken wraps. Like 90% likely to order one if it's on a menu. Now normally it's deep fried and wrapped snug in a tortilla with a tub of ranch, but this definitely cured the craving and left out the guilt. I think the chopped celery and crisp lettuce gave it the crunch that the fried chicken usually does and I didn't feel terrible for eating 2 wraps for dinner and 2 more for lunch the next day. 

The hardest part of making these was cooking & shredding the chicken. Next time I might try a crockpot shredding method instead of a skillet because no joke, after shredding two BIG pieces of chicken, my arms were sore. Guess you gotta earn your meal? 

I mixed the Frank's Buffalo Sauce with about a tablespoon of ranch for the chicken, chopped celery and red onion, garnished and then ate with avocado slices and topped with my favorite Ranch brand, Marzetti's. 

Kevin labeled this meal as one of his favorites when he exclaimed, "OH MAN THESE ARE SO GOOD! GET CHU SOME!"

Wednesday│ Blackened Chicken with Poblano Cream Sauce

Original Recipe adapted from Fit to Savor

For this week's produce portion of my grocery trip I bought fresh zucchini, frozen corn on the cob, limes and cilantro. I also bought fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale at Food Lion. 2 were used for the buffalo chicken wraps and the other 1 (halved) was used for the blackened chicken for dinner. I used the other blackened chicken breast (again, halved) with the leftover veggies and poblano creme sauce over mixed greens for lunch for Kevin and I on Thursday. Thoughts on maybe including my entire grocery list so you can see how I use up all the ingredients without repeating meals?

But basically I made 8 meals out of 4 chicken breasts, making the chicken cost $1/meal #BudgetBoss. I just made that up but I kinda like it.

The Fit to Savor recipe calls for ancho chile powder (what the heck is that?) so instead I made a homemade blackened seasoning from All Recipes. I also subbed out the rice and just did oven roasted zucchini with stove-top-charred corn, cut from the cob.

Overall this meal was fresh, healthy and filling. I could literally put the poblano creme sauce on everything. I had never roasted poblano chilies before - PS. Don't touch your face after cutting one, it BURNS - but I think roasting took the spiciness level down a notch and the flavor level up. Will definitely be making this again!

Thursday│ Honey Lime Sesame Wings

Original Recipe found at My Natural Family

Ever since I found this recipe for crispy chicken wings from The Wicked Noodle I literally can't stop making oven baked wings. Food Lion had their frozen bags on sale a few weeks back. I had scooped two, used one for the Lemon Pepper Wings a few weeks back and thawed the other bag for these babies.

I actually strayed a little from the recipe linked above. I cooked the wings the Wicked Noodle way (toss in olive oil and bake on a wire rack over a cookie sheet at 400). I took the wings out and hand tossed them in the Honey Lime Sesame sauce halfway through cooking time. I took them out again 5 minutes before time was up, tossed them in the remaining sauce and returned them to the oven for a quick broil.
The flavor was incredible from the first bite and the chicken perfectly crispy. They were sticky, sweet and messy... just like wings should be! We'll definitely be making these again for football Sunday's!


2 days of non-stop eating and all I managed to take a picture of was a tube of cinnamon rolls. Which were awesome #NoRegrets.

The weekend food line-up was as follows;
  • ACP Fajita │ Los Arcoiris Mexican Restaurant
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip │ Kraft
  • Grilled Hamburgers & Hotdogs w/ Grilled Corn on the Cob & Asapargus
  • Breakfast Casserole │ Gimme Some Oven
  • Cinnamon Rolls Pillsbury
  • Too many munchies (Doritos, Gold Fish, cookies, Chips & Salsa, etc)
  • Scrambled eggs, bacon, mixed fruit & biscuits
  • Who the heck knows what else... 

It felt SO great to get back on track with healthy eating and exercising this week (I didn't say weekend. There's a reason I don't include those meals). BUT I still have work to do. I'm running a 5k with Kevin on November 11th and reallllly need to get my butt in shape. Safe to say the weekends snacks, drinks and take out did NOT help my cause. But hey, there's always next week.