Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Well, friends, somehow I managed to complete the impossible. In just under 3 weeks I successfully converted our wacky loft space into a functional, organized office. I cannot wait to share the reveal with you! Albeit a few obstacles, I couldn't be happier with the results.

Before, we were using the loft space as a workout area (think yoga mats, weights and medicine balls on the floor) and the dog used it as his spare bedroom when we weren't home. We had an old coffee table in the center (I mean what else am I supposed to do triceps dips on?) and a TV cabinet Kevin's sister-in-law gave us that was against the back wall. These were both moved into one of the spare bedrooms, opening up the space and allowing my planning imagination to run wild.

Now, the space is being used to neatly store and organize craft supplies, bills, receipts, books, important paperwork and other miscellaneous office items. It's quickly become one of my favorite spots to spend time in and I find myself just staring at it every time I go up or down the stairs. Because that's not weird, right?

You can catch up on the other weeks here: Plans | Week 1.5 | Week 2.5 

Let's take a walk down memory lane to see what the space looked like before (these pictures are actually from the previous owners). It's was an odd-shaped loft area at the top of our staircase that was literally being used for anything and everything.


Now, it looks like THIS!

Please note I will be writing a separate post with product links, if possible, or similar products.

My Dad is incredibly talented. Kevin and I showed up with (incorrect) measurements and a rough sketch and then, two Lowes trips and 4 hours later, my Dad brought this desk to life. We originally planned to use just the two bookcases as the ends (see my Week 2.5 update for what it looked like before) but ended up adding a cabinet we already had on hand for further support and function. How the extra cabinet was the exact measurements I needed, I'll never know, but I do love that we have now have the closed space for storage too.

I went to town throwing out almost two grocery bags of dead pens, broken pencils, erasers that smeared instead of erasing, dried out markers and stickers from 3rd grade that said "Property of Alyssa", I kid you not. I ended up with neatly organized (and labeled) supply boxes that fit perfectly into the bookshelves, making my supplies accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

I had to get budget-creative for my command center. I was running low on funds (and running out of time) so I scooped a weekly chalkboard planner from Target ($3!) along with a chalk pen. I re-purposed an old gold frame as a dry erase board. Then, I spray painted an old cooling rack and some mini clothespins for a DIY memo board. The 3-bin desk organizer (holding the paper clips and clothespins) is just a re-purposed condiment holder that I got for Christmas this past year! I also spray painted the pencil cup (it was silver) and added the gold stapler to complete the look.

My favorite part of this area has to be the gold magazine holders. Would you believe me if I said these are old cereal boxes? I can't wait to share the tutorial!

The desk chair was purchased from Walmart and I simply spray painted the silver legs with Rustoleum spray paint in Metallic Gold to match the black and gold theme.

The cube organizer is exactly what I had envisioned. In the cubbies you'll find some of our favorite books, a few gold trinkets, a blanket and my favorite wooden bins ever (thanks, Michaels!). These can serve multiple purposes, but I really just love how the look of them ties everything in the room together.

I added the Brooklyn Bridge canvas, a gold desk lamp, a small TV and a DIY $1 gold tray, which I'll share my tutorial on soon! On the side wall you'll find three abstract prints (also DIY!) inside unique Dollar Tree frames to complete the art.

I don't think I could love this room anymore than I already do. Aside from potentially adding a ceiling light fixture, I called it quits with 3 days to spare. I went slightly over my estimated project cost but we'll break that down in another post. For now, just enjoy staring at these pictures like I stare at it in person and stay tuned for breakdowns and tutorials of my DIY pieces coming soon!