Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Another week down and LOTS of progress made on the loft space in our house! This week I'm providing another progress update and sharing what's left to complete. I challenged myself to get everything done by the end of the month, which means I officially have ONE week left to finish. Oh boy!

If you're just catching up, find out the original plans here and my week 1.5 progress here... why I'm doing this in .5 increments I have no clue, but hey, at least it's getting done.


The desk has been built. I repeat, the desk has been built! This was by far the most nerve wracking part of the entire project. I kind of have a champagne taste on a beer budget - in this sense meaning I want things to look expensive but I don't want to pay full price for it - and I was really wondering if my desk plans could become reality, all while sticking to budget. I got 1 of 2 things; my budget is blown but the desk looks pretty freaking awesome. Props to my dad here for his skills & tools!

Total Desk Materials: $80 

Even though the 8-cube organizer was already assembled, I didn't like the way it looked in the room and thought it needed to sit higher. While we were creating the desk, we had just enough extra wood to create 6, 5" risers. These came pre-painted so we'll just need to attach.

Cube Organizer Risers: $0

The cover for the gateway (our ugly black modem/router combo from AT&T) has been made. I created a fake 'book cover' just to sit around it so it's less tacky looking and fits in with the black and gold decor. I'll share a tutorial soon!

Gateway Cover: $0

From an organization standpoint, I turned the wall next to the desk into a functional space by attaching a large chalkboard calendar and an old cookie sheet spray painted gold. I also added a few gold frames I got from the dollar store a while back with 3 inspirational quotes. All are attached to the wall using simple command strips since I'm literally the worst at leveling and if I mess up I can re-do it instead of patching nail holes.

I created file folder organizers using old cereal boxes, gold spray paint and scrapbook paper I had lying around. Can't wait to share the tutorial!

Chalkboard Calendar: $3 / Everything Else Organizational: $0


Final touches to edging around the desk with wood glue need to happen before we can actually use it. I also think we might need to add additional support to hold the weight (TBD).

I need to attach the risers to the cube organizer.

Next, I still need a desk chair (which I think is the final piece that will cost money! WOO!)

Then hanging the canvas and final decor touches are last on the list!


8-cube organizer: $52
Gold Desk Lamp: $20
Wooden Boxes & Misc. Organization: $28
Decor Items: $15
Canvas: $25
Desk Materials: $80
Organization Wall: $3

- $23 

Lowe's Gift Card: $20
So, actual spent over budget (so far): $3


It's down to crunch time but I'm pretty impressed with how this room is coming along. Just one week left before I share the final reveal, so stay tuned!