Monday, January 09, 2017


I need to confess something; I'm cheating on my blog. Okay, maybe not cheating but definitely not staying true. It's Day 8 and the COCKTAILS part of Cocktails & Creatives is just hangin' around gathering dust while I sip on tea, fruit infused water, coffee and anything else I can ingest to avoid pouring myself a glass, or 6, of wine.

Let me explain...

A few weeks back I shared a post for a DIY Christmas Card Display and after briefly recapping my weekend in the intro, I swore I'd detox. Well then NYE happened and my best friend got engaged and we were "lit" (as the kids say). Now, it's 8 days post New Years Day, I haven't had a drink in 2017 (I really, really wanted to after my so-called "fixed" vacuum broke) and I'm second guessing my entire blog concept. Should I rename it Chamomile & Creatives?

Disclaimer: I'm not really feigning for a drink. I'm merely sitting this round out because I recently read that most local Charlotte IPAs have 400+ calories per drink and I started my first project of 2017 last week; it's called "Find Alyssa's Abs".

Speaking of projects, one of my 10 Resolutions for 2017 was getting organized. I'm kicking this goal off by challenging myself and converting our weirdly-shaped-but-kinda-practical loft area into a functional office space in just one month. Although these "Before" pictures were actually before before (they were the previous owner's pictures), it still gives a great idea of the space and the natural lighting available.

This open room is just to the left of the staircase and really isn't ideal for quiet time, but since we don't have kids (yet) it's really not something we need to worry about. Plus, since it's right in the open, it will give me incentive to keep it clean and organized. 

I plan on using it as a multi-functioning craft and office space with some cozy seating, plenty of sunlight and a large 8-cube furniture piece for storage. We'll have a desk on the other side of the room with 2 file cabinets as the end pieces. I'll be using one of the walls next to the desk to incorporate a memo area, complete with a large calendar, chalk board and push pin options. Although the space is already carpeted, I might add an additional rug for contrast and warmth, depending on what's left in my budget. 

This is just a rough mood board outlining my plans, but I'll be sure to check back in with progress and pictures as the room evolves!

Bedford 5-drawer Corner Desk (I plan on DIY'ing this, not purchasing) │ Embroidery Cushion Pillow │  
Minimalist ArtSnille Swivel Chair (plan to spray paint base gold) 

I can't wait to get started on this project! I'm fully confident I can stay under my $200 budget and turn the space into something livable, functional and clean. Now if it stays that way 24/7? I make no promises. Stay tuned!