Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Welcome back! Not that you're stalking my page waiting, but ugh, I haven't written a single post in literally over 3 months. In fact, I don't think I've even logged into Blogger in weeks.

I know that blogging is all about "consistency" and "drawing a bigger audience" and "scheduling posts" which is great and all but, I like to actually live life too.

The weather in good ole' Charlotte, NC has been so wacky, first it's 78 degrees and quite literally the next day there's an inch of snow on the ground, then it's a 2-day monsoon and 50 degrees. Despite the unpredictability, this time of year is still my favorite time to be outside. Now granted I might have sunburn under my scarf, rain coat and boots, but it is what it is.

Let me quickly update you on my "where I've been" before we dive into the one productive thing I've done for this blog in a whopping 90-ish days.

1  | We bought new cruiser bikes and went on a Charlotte adventure.

2  | We celebrated both mine and Kevin's birthday's, with a helicopter ride around Charlotte and a new grill.

3  | We ran a 5k in the snow and ended up covered in green chalk.

4  | We celebrated National Puppy Day with our 125lb "puppy".

5  | We hit the driving range with friends we hadn't seen in a while.

6  | I traveled to Las Vegas, NV and met Hall Of Fame Quarterback Randall Cunningham.

7  | We tried 5 new restaurants and an ice cream parlor in the Charlotte area.

8  | I participated in blindfolded yoga to support the Metrolina Association of The Blind.

These 8 things barely even touch on all the adventures we've had lately, but I'm sure you get the point that I wasn't behind the computer screen much!

Which brings me to my next topic, Spring Jewelry Trends.

Every now and then I go through a jewelry making phase in which I spend way too much money on 3rd party supplier materials and attempt to turn it into something fashionable and functional. More often than not, I hate the way it turns out and literally "undo" it all so I can reuse the materials.

The best use of my time? Probably not.
My "Like" to "Don't Like" ratio? Probably 1 to 4.

Regardless, it's an activity I find super therapeutic and at the same time it's incredibly flattering to say "I made it!" when someone asks where I got it.

So today I wanted to share with you 4 of my favorite hand-made pieces as well as outfit styling go-to's!

Style 1: Pink, Black & White

 Style 2: Teal, Silver & Blue

Style 3: Brown, White & Gold

Style 4: Cream, Gold & Orange

I'm planning on crafting a couple more jewelry pieces to style this spring and can't wait to share with you all! In the meantime, keep your eyes out for a few new posts as I get back into this whole "blogging while still living" thing.