Alyssa is a North Carolina resident originally from Pittsburgh, PA and is currently living in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte with her boyfriend, Kevin, and her dog, Boone. She has a BSBA in Marketing with a minor in Supply Chain Management from Appalachian State University. 

She is employed by Charlotte-based Coca-Cola as an Administrative Assistant and Category Analyst. 

When she's not working, Alyssa enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors, learning new hobbies and working on making her and Kevin's new house a home. With a background in sports, she actively cheers for the Pittsburgh home teams, Charlotte home teams and both App State and Auburn college football.

She credits her talents to her mom, who expresses her creativity through cake decorating, and her late grandmother, an avid painter and artist.

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Alyssa started Cocktails & Creatives in the Fall of 2015. It focuses on all things creative and budget friendly - crafting, cooking, fashion, organizing and more. A beer enthusiast and wanna-be wine expert, she thinks a little liquid courage goes a long way in the world of imagination. 

She founded the blog based on the desire to express her creativity in a hands-on environment, since most of her day is spent behind a computer. She truly believes that everyone can be creative, they just have to find the right outlet.